Friday, December 10, 2010


Well, I finally decided to sit down and write. Guess I am really bad at that. My family and i are doing good. Just trusting God to take care of us. My husband is laid off of work due to the job not having enough work to go around. He has been applying for jobs and so far, it is not going well. Today he did get an interview so I am hoping that works out. God has taken care of us this far and i am sure he will continue.

I am almost done with my 2nd semester in school. Just one more axam to go in math. I get a nice break till Jan 24th then I start my next 3 classes which are Human services and psych(which I don't enjoy at all). I am going to get my AA degree in early childhood development, which will allow me to work in daycares, teach kindergarden and other small things. So far, things are going well and i am maintaining a A in my classes, although, I think I may get a B on the last math test :)

Diego is growing fast. He is 10 1/2 months and thinks he is the king. He is standing on his own although, once he notices it, he will sit down. He has a ear infection right now and we are doing meds for that, so hopefully he will be feeling better soon. He is a little charmer and is the most outgoing child i have ever seen. He is not scared of anything or anyone, besides this little fake mouse that he hates. He loves playing with Malakie and Addie and they are soo cute playing together. He plays chase and peekaboo, which is absolutely adorable.

As for foster care, we finished our classes and now have to spend this following year getting an apartment, getting is aprroved and doing all the paper and background checks. We will be all done with everything by Nov next year then can take 1 baby in. I am looking forward to doing it, although I know it will be hard letting them go. Carlos and I both feel this is the direction God is taking us, so we are waiting for him.

I am blessed to have a family like mine. Nate and Rachel are the best adoptive parents i could ever ask for and i am so proud of my mom for everything she has been through and staying so strong. I love all my little sisters and my big sis. I am so proud to be an aunt of the 2 most beautiful little girls.

Sometimes when i start to doult God's love, I just have to remember all he has forgiven me for and loved me anyways. I only have to look at Rachel and my mom and know He loves me cause he gave me the best family I can have. I can't wait to come visit again. Diego should be walking by then :) Love you all and blessings from Rhode island