Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Wedding

the wedding went well and I am so happy. I had 3 bridesmaids and 1 maid of honor. Lizzie was the maid of honor and although she passed out during the ceremony, due to being sick, I am so glad she was there.. Cassie, Tami, and Carlos's sister Yuselly were the bridesmaids. They were all beautiful. Carlos had 5 guys and they were all his friends but I am getting to know them.. The 2 Poor brothers (yes, that's there last names) Stephen and Alex were two of them along with Edgar and his brother Chris... They were great. Carlos and his mom along with the bridal party, walked down the aisle to Kutless's song "What Faith Can Do". It was so sweet and i am glad we used that song. I walked down the aisle to The theme song on Pearl Harbor, sung by Faith Hill called "There you'll be"..
After the ceremony, we did the photos and sent Lizzie home to go to bed. She had the flu but managed to come. We of course did the first dance and all the traditional stuff... We had a lot of fun and ended the night headed to Boston for part of the honeymoon..
We stayed the night there and went to the aquarium the next morning. That was fun. We drove around to the big Universities then drove to Newport for 2 nights.. We had a lot of fun including flying in a helicopter..
We are now home, adjusting to life as a married couple. Quite new at it i have to say, but so far, we just have a lot of baby birth classes, appointments and the such.. :)
I can't wait till little guy gets here. He keeps me up all night kicking away in my stomech. And i am sure he will keep me up all night after he is born..

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