Thursday, June 23, 2011

Our son Daniel

I am really bad about sitting down and writing blogs but every once in a while, I enjoy it. :)

First, I want to say I am blessed to have the wonderful family I have. I got to go to TN and visit for 2 weeks and enjoyed every bit of it. I have such wonderful friends and family there. I got to see my 2 cute nieces, both are so pretty, and my sisters, moms and dad. I did miss my hubby though and hopefully he can come next time.

Danny is growing. I am 28 weeks on Monday so it will be the start of my 3rd trimester. I am so grateful to be having another boy since it will help us save on clothes and such. God has taken care of us and I know he will continue doing that. We are naming our little man Daniel Micah Nathanial Mendoza. Daniel means Judged by God and I always wanted to name my little girl Danielle, but since God gave us another boy, I figured I should just go with the Daniel. Micah means Who is like Yah, which I love. We picked Micah because we want all our boys to have D for the first name and M for the middle. In this case we added Nathanial in as a 2nd middle name because I wanted to name him after my adopted dad who made a big difference in my life. It means Gift from God. So that is the idea behind the name :)

We will be moving sometime in August, next door to where we live. It has 3 bedrooms instead of the 1 bedroom (plus a little room) that we are in. I am looking forward to moving and having a bigger place to live although I have been blessed to be where I am. I will be 8 months prego when I move so I am hoping for a very unstressful month in August. We are going to Soulfest August 3-6th for a huge christain festival so that should be relazing and fun :)

My mom is coming up Sept 15th when I have the baby, so I am grateful for that, and I am hoping my sister makes it up. Samantha is coming the 16th I believe, so pray I have the baby while she is here because I want her at the birth. And Hopefully Nate and Rachel make it up here in Oct. I can't wait to see them all again.

I am going to have a wonderful doula at my birth to help me, being that I am scared to death to go through another birth like Diego. Kelly is a lady in the church up here and I am sooooooo lucky to live with her. She gets to hear everything I want in a birth, everyday :)

Well that is about all in updates. Carlos is doing well and working alot, and I am thankful about that. Hopefully I will write again in a few months :)

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