Monday, October 19, 2009

Moving on

Yesterday, I received a text from an old friend, that stung. I feel like it is now time to move on to a different life. I have been holding out hope that one day my friends would still want to be my friend even though I no longer lived there, but after a friend from there sent me a heartbreaking text, I decided It's time to move on with my life and quit trying to make them see that I am still God's child. I cannot change what everyone thinks of me, only what i think of myself. Its time I quit writing my sister to try and convince her to love me, it's time that I quit writing my friends and trying to make them understand my choice, and its time to quit trying to stay in contact with people that can no longer see me as a friend. I am grateful for what God has given me and I need to be ok with everything. May God turn their hearts one day. I love and miss them all and hope that they will always know that.


  1. Unfortunately we loose a great deal on this road of discipleship. When we face God he will not ask how many friends you made and who stood by you, He will ask if you where a friend who has always been there for them. He will not ask you did you live out your life on a hundred acres in the same house of 12 of 14 different people, He will ask you did you live your life for Him. He will not ask you if the choices you had made pleased all your family and friends, He will ask you if you lived every day to please Him.

    It is hard sometimes Tammy, but IS a cross ya know. It does get heavy and hard to carry at times, but it is our cross. We live our lives with one ultimate goal in mind...To hear our beloved Father say to us "Well done my good and faithful servant, enter into My rest".

  2. Thank you Frank for the encouragment. I need the exertation and the reminder that I just need to live him, not other men and women. God has blessed me so much, with the baby and Carlos.. With a place to live and friends like you and Lori. I love you.