Monday, October 19, 2009

Update on my little guy

Just a update on how the little guy is doing. I am due Jan 22nd and so far he is on schedule, unless something unexpected happens. He kicks more then I could ever have imagined and I believe he loves music a lot, either that or he is trying to get away fro it.. Not sure which. So far, we do not have a name. Neither Carlos nor I can agree on what we like. I like Aidan, Danial, Nathaniel, Sean, Micah, and so forth and he hates them all... :) But we should have one by time he is born. I have only 14 weeks left till due date so I am kinda freaking about that. He is a joy to me and makes me laugh when I can feel him. I think he is already so full of personality and that's fun. Sometimes when he kicks, I push where he kicks and he does it again.. Sorta like we are playing.. I gained 27 lbs so far and I hope i lose it really quick after he is born.
I am having him in the ABC(alternate birthing center) room at Women and Infants. Its set up like a home, and they do not do drugs and take the baby away. He will stay with me the entire time I am there. I am hoping to make it through the pain without any drugs.
Other then that, I am just preparing for the wedding which is on Nov 7th.

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