Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Psalms 27

I read Psalms 27 this morning, reluctantly, but nevertheless, I did it. It spoke to me, although at the moment, I was upset and mad about what it had to say. But later after thinking about it, I know that it was God speaking to me. I wanted to explain why it is for me. For one thing, in verse 3, it talks about though an army besiege me, I will not fear. I don't do that well.. I worry about everything. From my mom loving me to my sister not talking to me, I worry. God is sending things to test me, to see how well I trust him. I guess I have not reached that point yet. It says later, that I will sing and make music, be joyful, and well, to be honest, I have been the gloomiest snot lately. I give myself excuses about why I am like I am, but God i asking more of me now. It says later down, though my mother and father forsake me, I am loved by my heavenly father. I need to learn to make this chapter a part of my everyday life, not just my brain, but let it become part of my heart.. Its all I long for, but seems right out of my reach.. I hope that pray the God does his will so that I can be the best woman I can be for my soon to be husband. Thank you God for your words, even when I hate them and how they come.

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